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Teams who's name begins with the letter M were found in the SIHR database
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Montreal Big 4 Banks   (Mtl BHL)
Montreal Boisclair   (Mtl Metro SHL)
Montreal Bourassa Canadiens   (QMAAA)
Montreal Bourassa College Francais   (QMAAA)
Montreal Britannias   (AHAC)
Montreal Brittany Shoe   (Mtl Starr HL)
Montreal Camp Orelda   (Mtl Metro JHL)
Montreal Camp Orelda   (JAHA)
Montreal Canada Car   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Canada Car   (Mtl War Ind HL)
Montreal Canada Car   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Canada Car   (Mtl MunitionsHL)
Montreal Canada Car   (Mtl THL)
Montreal Canada Cement   (Mtl MunitionsHL)
Montreal Canada Vickers   (Mtl MunitionsHL)
Montreal Canada Vickers   (Mtl War Ind HL)
Montreal Canada Vickers 1910-24   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal Canadair Aces   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Canadian Explosives   (Mtl MunitionsHL)
Montreal Canadian Explosives   (Mtl THL)
Montreal Canadian Rubber   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Canadiens   (NHL-Sov Fr)
Montreal Canadiens   (Cal-Tour)
Montreal Canadiens   (NHA)
Montreal Canadiens   (NHL)
Montreal Canadiens   (X-Games)
Montreal Canadiens   (NHL Pre-Season)
Montreal Canadiens   (NHL Development Camp)
Montreal Canadiens Jr.   (QJHL (1949-55))
Montreal Canadiens Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Canadiens Jr.   (OHA Jr A (1933-74))
Montreal Canadiens Jr.   (Mtl Metro JHL)
Montreal Canadiens Jr.   (X-Games Jr)
Montreal Canadiens Jr.   (X-Games Jr)
Montreal Canadiens Jr. B   (Mtl MtR JHL)
Montreal Canadiens Jr. B   (MtR JHL)
Montreal Canadiens Midget AAA   (QMAAA)
Montreal Canadiens Sr.   (QSHL (1937-50))
Montreal Canadiens Sr.   (Mtl Sr Group)
Montreal Cardy Hotels   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Catholic High School   (JAHA)
Montreal Catholic High School   (Hi School)
Montreal Catholic High School Bantam   (Mtl Minor HL)
Montreal Catholic High School Jr.   (Hi School)
Montreal Caughnawaga   (Mtl City IHL)
Montreal Cercle Paroissial   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Champetre   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Champetre   (Mtl HA)
Montreal Champetre   (MtR SHL)
Montreal Champêtre   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal Champêtre   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Champetre Jr.   (MtR JHL)
Montreal Charbonneau   (Mtl Starr HL)
Montreal Cherrier Rec Club   (Mtl City IHL)
Montreal Chomedy   (QSHL (1937-50))
Montreal Choquette   (Mtl Starr HL)
Montreal CJMS PW   (QC Int PW)
Montreal Clearpoint   (MtR JHL)
Montreal CNR   (Mtl Ind HL)
Montreal CNR   (Mtl Metro SHL)
Montreal CNR   (Mtl Rail-Tel)
Montreal CNR   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal CNR Blues   (Mtl HL)
Montreal College Ste. Marie   (Hi School)
Montreal Columbus   (QAHA)
Montreal Columbus Club   (Mtl Metro JHL)
Montreal Columbus Club   (Mtl Sr Group)
Montreal Columbus Club   (QAHA Sr. Gr.)
Montreal Columbus Club Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Comets   (JAHA)
Montreal Concordia   (X-Games)
Montreal Concordia   (QMAAA)
Montreal Concordia Civics   (QSHL (1937-50))
Montreal Concordia Civics   (JAHA)
Montreal Concordia Civics   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Concordia Civics   (Mtl IHL)
Montreal Concordia Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Continental Can   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Cote St. Paul-Juvenile   (Mtl Minor HL)
Montreal CPR   (CRHL)
Montreal CPR   (Mtl Rail-Tel)
Montreal CPR   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal CPR Car Dept.   (Mtl THL)
Montreal CPR Munitions   (Mtl War Ind HL)
Montreal CPR Traffic Dept.   (Mtl THL)
Montreal Crane Ltd.   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Cranes   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Cranes   (MtR JHL)
Montreal Cranes   (Mtl JAHL)
Montreal Crescents   (EastMontHL)
Montreal Crescents   (AHAC)
Montreal Crichton High School   (Hi School)
Montreal Crichton SCHBY   (SCHBY)
Montreal Crystals   (X-Games)
Montreal Crystals   (AHAC)
Montreal Crystals II   (AHACI)
Montreal Cyclones   (QPHL)
Montreal D'Arcy McGee   (Hi School)
Montreal D’Arcy McGee Bantam   (Mtl Minor HL)
Montreal D’Arcy McGee Jr.   (Hi School)
Montreal Daniel O'Connell Jr.   (Hi School)
Montreal Deaf & Dumb   (Mtl City IHL)
Montreal Delormier   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Dominion Bridge   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Dominion Bridge   (Mtl TMHL)
Montreal Dominion Bridge   (Mtl MunitionsHL)
Montreal Dominion Express   (Mtl THL)
Montreal Dominion Glass   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Dominions   (Mtl HA)
Montreal Dominions   (X-Games)
Montreal Dominions   (AHAC)
Montreal Don Juan   (QIHA)
Montreal Don Juan   (Mtl IHL)
Montreal Don Juan   (Mtl DHL)
Montreal Dow Brewers   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Durivage   ()
Montreal Eagles Juvenile   (Mtl Minor HL)
Montreal East Rangers   (Mtl City JBHL)
Montreal Eastern Wanderers   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Emeralds   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Emeralds   (Mtl HA)
Montreal Emeralds   (Maisonneuve HL)
Montreal Eurekas   (MtR SHL)
Montreal Eurekas   (Mtl MtR HL)
Montreal Eurekas   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Fairbanks-Morse   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Fairchild   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Fairchild   (4 Nat Cup)
Montreal Fairchild   (Mtl War Ind HL)
Montreal Fargo   (JAHA)
Montreal Firemen   (Mtl Metro SHL)
Montreal Football Club   (X-Games)
Montreal Gaiete Canadien   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Garnets   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Garnets   (X-Games)
Montreal Garnets   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal Generals   (MtR IHL)
Montreal GNW Telegraph   (Mtl THL)
Montreal Grads   (Mtl DPHL)
Montreal Grand Trunk Railway (GTR)   (CRHL)
Montreal Grand Trunk Railway (GTR)   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Green Mountain   (QIHA)
Montreal Greys   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Gurney Foundry   (Mtl Ind HL)
Montreal Harmonia   (Mtl City SHL)
Montreal Hawthornes   (JCAHL)
Montreal HC   (X-Games)
Montreal High School   (Hi School)
Montreal High School Jr.   (Hi School)
Montreal High School Sr. B   (Hi School)
Montreal HL All-Star Team   (X-Games Sr)
Montreal HLP   (Mtl TMHL)
Montreal Hobos   (Mtl DPHL)
Montreal Hochelaga   (Mtl HA)
Montreal Hochelaga   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal Hochelaga   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Hochelaga Indians Jr. B   (Mtl Metro JBHL)
Montreal Hockey Academy Prep   (AEHL Prep)
Montreal Hockey Club   (Finland 3)
Montreal Hockey Club - Tampere   (Suomi-Sarj (1999-))
Montreal House of Gold   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Hurricanes   (QMAAA)
Montreal Hydro Quebec   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Ice Storm   ()
Montreal Immaculate Conception   (Mtl Metro JBHL)
Montreal Independents   (DistJHL)
Montreal Invincibles   (Mtl Art Ross HL)
Montreal Jofa-Titan   (NWHL)
Montreal Jubilee   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Jubilee   (Maisonneuve HL)
Montreal Junior A   (QPJHL (1988-97))
Montreal Junior A   (QJAAAHL (1997-))
Montreal Juniors   (QMJHL (1969...))
Montreal JV Royals   (QAHA)
Montreal K of C   (X-Games)
Montreal La Casquette   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal La Casquette   (X-Games Sr)
Montreal La Casquette   (Maisonneuve HL)
Montreal Lachine H/C   (X-Games Sr)
Montreal Lachine H/C   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Lafontaine   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Lafontaine   (QPHL)
Montreal Lafontaine   (MtR SHL)
Montreal Lafontaine Bleus   (Mtl Sr Group)
Montreal Lafontaine Bleus   (MtR IHL)
Montreal Lafontaine Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Lake   (NortIndHL)
Montreal Lake Blue Jackets   (TreatSixHL)
Montreal Lakeshore Flyers   (Mtl Metro JBHL)
Montreal Lakeshore Flyers   (Mtl Metro JHL)
Montreal Lakeshore Flyers Jr. B   (Mtl City JBHL)
Montreal Laurentides   (QMAAA)
Montreal Les Canadiennes   (CWHL)
Montreal Light Heat Power   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Linotype Co.   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Locomotive   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Locomotive   (Mtl City IHL)
Montreal Loyola Bantam   (Mtl Minor HL)
Montreal Loyola College   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal Loyola College   (Hi School)
Montreal Loyola College Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Loyola College Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Loyola College Jr.   (Hi School)
Montreal Loyola College Warriors   (QUAA)
Montreal Loyola College Warriors   (OSLIHL)
Montreal Loyola COTC   (Mtl NDHL)
Montreal Loyola Jr.   (CAHL-Jr)
Montreal Luke Callaghan   (Hi School)
Montreal Lyalls   (Mtl TMHL)
Montreal Lyalls   (Mtl HA)
Montreal Lyalls   (X-Games)
Montreal Lyalls   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Lyalls   (Mtl MunitionsHL)
Montreal Maisonneuve   (Maisonneuve HL)
Montreal Maple Leafs   (CIHL (Quebec))
Montreal Maples Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Maroons   (NHL)
Montreal Maroons   (QMAA)
Montreal Maroons   (NHL Pre-Season)
Montreal Martin   (MtR SHL)
Montreal Martin   (MtR IHL)
Montreal McColl-Frontenac   (Mtl Mfgrs HL)
Montreal Melville Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Merchants   (Ind)
Montreal Merchants Bank   (Mtl BHL)
Montreal Metros   (Mtl Metro JHL)
Montreal Meuniers   (QSHL (1937-50))
Montreal Mintos Jr.   (JAHA)
Montreal Mission   (NRL [W])
Montreal Molson Brewers   (Mtl City CHL)
Montreal Molson's   (Mtl HL)
Montreal Monarchs   (Mtl IJHL)
Montreal Monklands High School Sr. B   (Hi School)
Montreal Mont St. Louis College   (Hi School)
Montreal Montagnards   (FAHL)
Montreal Montagnards   (X-Games)
Montreal Montagnards   (CAHL-I)
Montreal Montagnards   (X-Games Sr)
Montreal Montagnards 2nds   (FAHL-I)
Montreal Mount Royal   (ProQHL (1922-23))
Montreal National 2nds   (FAHL-I)
Montreal National Industries   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal National-Est   (MJHLAA (2012-))
Montreal Nationale   (QAHA Sr. Gr.)
Montreal Nationale   (Mtl CSHL1910-24)
Montreal Nationale   (Mtl Metro JHL)
Montreal Nationale   (ECHA)
Montreal Nationale   (Mtl HA)
Montreal Nationale   (Mtl HL 1913-20)
Montreal Nationale 2nds   (CAHL-I)
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