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Teams who's name begins with the letter O were found in the SIHR database
1825 Teams Returned
Records 1 to 250 displayed
O'Bryant Tigers High School (MA)   (Hi School)
O'Connor Eagles High School (AZ)   (Hi School)
O'Connor High School 2 (AZ)   (Hi School)
O'Donel Patriots High School (NL)   (CAHS)
O'Fallon Township Panthers High School (IL)   (Hi School)
O'Leary   (PEI-Sr.)
O'Leary Eagles   (IJBHL (1996-)
O'Leary Maroons   (PEI-Sr.)
O'Leary Maroons   (IJAHL (1973-91))
O'Leary Maroons   (IJBHL (1970-73))
O'Neill Eagles High School   (NSAA-D3)
O-Town Rebels   (CPJHL (2016-))
Oahe Capitals [W]   (HS [W])
Oak Bay Flyers   (VIJHL (1965-)
Oak Bluff Raiders   (Mb JBHL)
Oak Hill Falcons High School   (OSAA-1A)
Oak Lake Icemen   (NCHL)
Oak Lake-Brandon Icemen   (NCHL)
Oak Park High School   (CAHS)
Oak Park Raiders High School   (WpgHSHL)
Oak Park River Forest Huskies High School (IL)   (Hi School)
Oak Park River Forest Huskies High School (IL) [W]   (HS [W])
Oak Ridges Dynes   (CJBHL (1954-93))
Oak Ridges Dynes   (MOJBHL (1968-78))
Oak Ridges Kings   (MTJBHL (1950-91))
Oakland Checkers   (Cal-Pro)
Oakland Chiefs   (GLJHL (1975-84))
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. Bantam AAA   (T1EBHL)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. Bantam Minor   (T1EMBHL)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U14   (ECEL U14)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U16   (Midget Independent)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U16   (T1EHL U16)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U16   (Mid-west M MidgetEHL)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U18   (Midget Independent)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U18   (NJPHL U18)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U18   (Mid-West EHL)
Oakland Grizzlies Jr. U18 Midget AAA   (T1EHL Mid. AAA U18)
Oakland Knaves   (PCHL (1952-53))
Oakland Oakers High School   (OSAA-2A)
Oakland Oaks   (PCHL (1944-52))
Oakland Seals   (NHL)
Oakland Sheiks   (Cal-Pro)
Oakland Sheiks   (X-Games)
Oakland Skates   (RHI)
Oakland University Golden Grizzlies   (Mi CHC (ACHA Div. 3))
Oakland University Grizzlies   (GLCHL (ACHA Div. 1))
Oakland-Craig Knights High School (Neb)   (NSAA-D2)
Oakland/Spokane Clippers   (PCHL (1936-41))
Oakleigh Aces   (Australia)
Oakleigh Golds   (Australia)
Oakmont Spartans High School (MA)   (Hi School)
Oakridge Selects   (OMHA)
Oakridge Warriors High School   (OSAA-2A)
Oakton Cougars High School (VA)   (NVSHL)
Oakville   (TorSrBGrHL)
Oakville   (OakHL)
Oakville   (BEIJAHL)
Oakville   (OHA Jr B (1933-54))
Oakville   (OHA Int (1896-1934))
Oakville 10 Chiefs   (ASHL)
Oakville 10 Summit   (ASHL)
Oakville 11 Firebirds   (ASHL)
Oakville 12 Eagles   (ASHL)
Oakville 13 Express   (ASHL)
Oakville 13 Rebellion   (ASHL)
Oakville 13 Wright Huskies   (ASHL)
Oakville 14 The Mob   (ASHL)
Oakville 18 Wright Huskies   (ASHL)
Oakville 18 Yellowjackets   (ASHL)
Oakville 19 Fourth Liners   (ASHL)
Oakville 20 Chippy Skippies   (ASHL)
Oakville 20 Draft Machine   (ASHL)
Oakville 20 Q.B. Oilers   (ASHL)
Oakville 21 Brucekies   (ASHL)
Oakville 22 Bruckies   (ASHL)
Oakville 22 Brydens   (ASHL)
Oakville 22 Wright Huskies   (ASHL)
Oakville 23 Blazers   (ASHL)
Oakville 24 Al's Sport Shop   (ASHL)
Oakville 26 Showtime   (ASHL)
Oakville 27 AXA   (ASHL)
Oakville 29 California's   (ASHL)
Oakville 3 Roadrunners   (ASHL)
Oakville 32 Evertz Afterburners   (ASHL)
Oakville 34 Summit   (ASHL)
Oakville 34 Wranglers   (ASHL)
Oakville 35 Wright Huskies (Red)   (ASHL)
Oakville 37 Boston Pizza Oldtimers   (ASHL)
Oakville 38 X-Men   (ASHL)
Oakville 40 Brucekies   (ASHL)
Oakville 43 X-Men   (ASHL)
Oakville 44 Ice Pigs   (ASHL)
Oakville 45 Dixon Blackhawks (Black)   (ASHL)
Oakville 45 Meadowvale Massive (Black)   (ASHL)
Oakville 47 Eagles (1) (Wednesday D-2)   (ASHL)
Oakville 47 Eagles (2) (Wednesday D-2)   (ASHL)
Oakville 47 Young Guns   (ASHL)
Oakville 51 Astra Tomahawks   (ASHL)
Oakville 53 Wrights Huskies   (ASHL)
Oakville 6 Canucks   (ASHL)
Oakville 6 St. Louis Wings   (ASHL)
Oakville 63 Icebreakers   (ASHL)
Oakville 85 Roadunners   (ASHL)
Oakville 90 IS Recruits   (ASHL)
Oakville 91 IS Show Boats   (ASHL)
Oakville AccuSource   (ASHL)
Oakville AccuSource 1   (ASHL)
Oakville Adanacs   (SIBHL (1974-1987))
Oakville Admirals   (ASHL)
Oakville Almost Famous [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Ambassadors   (OMHA)
Oakville American Quacks   (ASHL)
Oakville Ashcourt Wolves   (ASHL)
Oakville Astra Bull Terriers   (ASHL)
Oakville Avenue Moving   (ASHL)
Oakville Barney Mucklers   (ASHL)
Oakville Big Dirty   (ASHL)
Oakville Black Knights   (ASHL)
Oakville Blackhawks   (ASHL)
Oakville Blades   (ASHL)
Oakville Blades   (OPJAHL (1993-2008))
Oakville Blades   (OJHL-B)
Oakville Blades   (OJAHL (2008-))
Oakville Blades   (CJBHL (1954-93))
Oakville Blades   (MOJBHL (1968-78))
Oakville Blades   (SJCHL)
Oakville Blades of Steel   (ASHL)
Oakville Blasters   (ASHL)
Oakville Blazers   (ASHL)
Oakville Blazing Cannons   (ASHL)
Oakville Blue Devils   (ASHL)
Oakville Blue Flames   (ASHL)
Oakville Blue Lagoons   (ASHL)
Oakville Boilers   (ASHL)
Oakville Brant Cycle Cyclones [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Brewins   (ASHL)
Oakville Brewski Brawlers   (ASHL)
Oakville Brewskies   (ASHL)
Oakville Bronte Sports Kitchen Dream   (ASHL)
Oakville Bruins   (ASHL)
Oakville BSP   (ASHL)
Oakville BTA   (ASHL)
Oakville Budds Land Rover   (ASHL)
Oakville BUK Hockey   (ASHL)
Oakville Bulldogs   (ASHL)
Oakville Burn & Turn   (ASHL)
Oakville Burn Turn   (ASHL)
Oakville Bus   (ASHL)
Oakville Californias   (ASHL)
Oakville Camel Toes   (ASHL)
Oakville Canadian Automotive Refinish   (ASHL)
Oakville Canadian Pet Connection   (ASHL)
Oakville Canlan House Team   (ASHL)
Oakville Canucks   (ASHL)
Oakville Capitols   (ASHL)
Oakville Carmel 101   (ASHL)
Oakville Cavans Alley Hawks   (ASHL)
Oakville CB Nymphos   (ASHL)
Oakville Chargers [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Chiefs   (ASHL)
Oakville Clarkson Pump   (ASHL)
Oakville Comserv Shifters   (ASHL)
Oakville Comserv Shifters (Thursday C)   (ASHL)
Oakville Cougars [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Coyotes   (ASHL)
Oakville Crash and Burn [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Cremasters   (ASHL)
Oakville Crunch   (OMHA)
Oakville Cuchulainns Crusaders   (ASHL)
Oakville (Monday D2B)   (ASHL)
Oakville (Wednesday EA)   (ASHL)
Oakville Danglemen   (ASHL)
Oakville Danglers   (ASHL)
Oakville Danone Canucks   (ASHL)
Oakville Darknights   (ASHL)
Oakville Daytime Divas [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Death Row   (ASHL)
Oakville Deer Paw   (ASHL)
Oakville District 5   (ASHL)
Oakville Donkeys   (ASHL)
Oakville Duck & Firkin   (ASHL)
Oakville Dust Mops   (ASHL)
Oakville Dutch Rudders   (ASHL)
Oakville Eagles   (ASHL)
Oakville Eddies Wings (Monday C)   (ASHL)
Oakville Eddy's Wings   (ASHL)
Oakville Elite Hockey   (ASHL)
Oakville Fighting Irish   (ASHL)
Oakville Fighting Knights   (ASHL)
Oakville Finski HC   (ASHL)
Oakville Firebirds   (ASHL)
Oakville Flames   (ASHL)
Oakville Fortelli Flyers   (ASHL)
Oakville Fourth Liners   (ASHL)
Oakville Friday Storm [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Friendly Carcillos   (ASHL)
Oakville Fur Trappers   (ASHL)
Oakville Garagescape Beavers   (ASHL)
Oakville Gary Roberts Express   (ASHL)
Oakville Gatorade   (ASHL)
Oakville GBOF   (ASHL)
Oakville GFC   (ASHL)
Oakville Good Times   (ASHL)
Oakville Gray Blades [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Green Team   (ASHL)
Oakville Griffins   (ASHL)
Oakville Habs   (ASHL)
Oakville Hackers   (ASHL)
Oakville HAF   (ASHL)
Oakville Handsome Devils   (ASHL)
Oakville Hank Mardukas   (ASHL)
Oakville Hawks   (ASHL)
Oakville High Rollers   (ASHL)
Oakville Hitmen   (ASHL)
Oakville Hockeytown   (ASHL)
Oakville Hornets   (GHWHL)
Oakville Hornets [W]   (LLFHL (Youth))
Oakville Hornets Jr. [W]   (PWHL (2004-))
Oakville Horns   (ASHL)
Oakville Hot Wings   (ASHL)
Oakville Hounds   (ASHL)
Oakville Hunt Chrysler   (ASHL)
Oakville Hurricanes   (ASHL)
Oakville Huskies (1)   (ASHL)
Oakville Huskies (2) (Tuesday C)   (ASHL)
Oakville Huskies (Monday C)   (ASHL)
Oakville Ice [W]   (NWHL [W] (1998-2007))
Oakville Ice Bandidos [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Ice Devils   (ASHL)
Oakville Ice Gators   (ASHL)
Oakville Ice Jr. [W]   (PWHL (2004-))
Oakville Ice Jr. [W]   (SWGJHL[W])
Oakville Ice Knights   (ASHL)
Oakville Iceholes   (ASHL)
Oakville Icetrogen [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville IS Avalanche   (ASHL)
Oakville IS Bright Stars   (ASHL)
Oakville IS Eagles   (ASHL)
Oakville IS Free Spirits   (ASHL)
Oakville IS Knight Sticks   (ASHL)
Oakville IS Pirates   (ASHL)
Oakville JAF Pool Service   (ASHL)
Oakville Jaguars   (ASHL)
Oakville Jets   (ASHL)
Oakville Jets [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Jr.   (X-Games)
Oakville L5J   (ASHL)
Oakville La Resistance   (ASHL)
Oakville Last Call [W]   (ASHL)
Oakville Lawrasons   (ASHL)
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