About the SIHR

The Society was founded in 1991 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, by a group of seventeen men attending the Canadian Association of Sports Heritage meeting. Click here to read a brief history of SIHR.

Objects of the Society
  • The object of the Society shall be to record and preserve the history of hockey by collecting, cataloguing, and preserving historical information and records, and by making them available to the public through presentations, articles, journals, books, exhibits, website and social media.

The Society is governed by a constitution, which was adopted at Montreal on May 22, 1993, and amended on May 28, 2016, in Kingston, Ontario.

Board of Directors

The SIHR is a non-profit corporation which is overseen by an elected board of directors and its activities are entirely operated by members who volunteer their time. Through membership dues, donations and grants, the group hosts events, organizes special projects, produces a quarterly newsletter, an annual research journal and maintains this web site.

Wayne Geen
Wayne Geen

Whitby, Ontario

Bill Sproule
Bill Sproule

Houghton, Michigan

Aubrey Ferguson
Aubrey Ferguson

Oakville, Ontario

Bryan Lawrence
Bryan Lawrence

Welland, Ontario

President Wayne Geen Oshawa, Ontario
Vice-President Bill Sproule Houghton, Michigan
Secretary Aubrey Ferguson Oakville, Ontario
Treasurer Bryan Lawrence Welland, Ontario
Regional Vice-Presidents and Directors
Vice President Atlantic Rhéal Robichaud Dieppe, New Brunswick
Vice President Quebec Benoît Clairoux Verdun, Quebec
Vice President Ontario Waxy Gregoire Penetanguishine, Ontario
Vice President Canada West Helen Edwards Victoria, British Columbia
Vice President USA East Ed Norris Lancaster, Massachusetts
Vice President USA West Jayson Hron Colorado Springs, Colorado
Director-at-large Canada Kevin Slater Oakville, Ontario
Director-at-large International Martin Harris London, England
Honorary Presidents
Brian McFarlane   Toronto, Ontario
Bill Fitsell   Kingston, Ontario
Ed Grenda   Kingston, Ontario

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