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SIHR Book Feature on HF Boards

SIHR’s Behind the Boards

SIHR Book Feature on HF Boards

Society for International Hockey Research
Posted July 12, 2020

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SIHR members who have written a book now have the option of promoting their work at, the biggest hockey forum online.

Presented in association with SIHR, the HFBoards Hockey book feature invites authors to join the history of hockey community at HFboards and create a thread with general information on their book, a reading extract, and a link to order the book, as well as information about the author.

The author should also be available to answer questions by the community. The book feature gives SIHR and its members the opportunity to broaden their online presence and allows its authors to introduce their work to a relatively large group of interested readers and, of course, potential buyers.

The HFBoards community for their part is happy to be up-to-date on recent publications and research and looking forward to your presentations.

SIHR members who are interested in having their book featured must first contact Marcel Lang at, who will coordinate the posts so that only one will be featured at a time.

Below are the suggested steps to be included:

  1. Contact Marcel at
  2. Create an account (this is free) on HF Boards

 Once you have coordinated with Marcel, do the following:

  1. Create a thread with title using the format of author name, colon, book title. Ex: Helen Edwards: The History Of Professional Hockey in Victoria B.C 1911-2011
  2. Add the "Book Feature" prefix at the beginning
  3. In your first post, you provide general information on your book, a reading extract and a link so that people can order the book. It would be nice to include a picture of the book cover as an eye-catcher between the general part and the reading extract, but I can also edit that into your post.
  4. In your second post, you provide some information on yourself. 
 Once you have created your thread, we on HFBoards will do the following:
  • Make your thread a sticky so that it is always among the first threads listed on the History section.
  • Turn your first post into an article so that it not only appears on the History section but also in the articles section, the first section on our front page. Here the SIHR logo will be used by us, regardless of your individual avatar picture. 
REMINDER: Please don't post without making prior arrangements with Marcel. We want to coordinate this so that each author can have a period of exclusive exposure and avoid more than one competing for attention. 


Viewed 1317 times

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