The Hockey Research Anthology, Vol. 1

The Society for International Hockey Research is proud to announce the release of Pucklore, The Hockey Research Anthology published by Quarry Heritage Books of Kingston, Ontario. The book is the first publicly available publication from SIHR and features selected articles taken from the annual Hockey Research Journal between 1993 and 2011.

The collection features articles from twenty-two authors from Canada, the United States, Sweden and England and includes noted hockey writers J.W. (Bill) Fitsell, Kevin Shea, Eric Zweig, Paul Kitchen and Jim Mancuso.

Pucklore authors celebrate the founder of the organized game, James Creighton, reveal the first 1,000 goal scorer, trace the evolution of the hockey net, recreate the trial of Allan Loney for murder on the ice, and present more fascinating stats and stories than you can shake a hockey stick at.

Pucklore, The Hockey Research Anthology, Vol. 1      Pucklore, The Hockey Research Anthology, Vol. 1 - Back Cover

J.W. (BILL) FITSELL The Rise and Fall of Ice Polo in New England and the Maritimes
J.W. (BILL) FITSELL The Halifax Rules and the Origins Debate
BILL SPROULE The Birthplace of Professional Hockey: Houghton County, Michigan
ERNIE FITZSIMMONS The Cradle of Pro Hockey: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
PAUL KITCHEN The Evolution of the Goal Net
MICHEL VIGNEAULT The French and Irish Catholic Hockey Connection in Montreal
MARTIN C. HARRIS The Pros Are Coming: The NHL in England and France
JAMES MILKS James George Alwyn Creighton: Founding Father
JAMES MILKS Paul Jacobs: First Native Canadian in the NHL?
PATRICK HOUDA Joseph Malachek: First 1,000-Goal Scorer
GLEN R. GOODHAND Foreign Born, But Not Foreign Trained NHL Players
LENARD KOTYLO Was It a Plot? The Alcide Laurin Hockey Death
LENARD KOTYLO Hockey in the Courts: Legal Action Off the Ice
IAIN FYFFE Cinderella Stories: Luck in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
KEVIN SHEA The Metro Junior A Hockey League: Logistics & Statistics
FRED ADDIS Year of the Mask: Injuries & Innovators
JEAN-PATRICE MARTEL Shootout Specialists: Odds & Ends
DON REDDICK Reenacting Dawson’s Stanley Cup Challenge
MICHAEL TALBOT The First Team Canada: The Oxford Canadians
ERIC ZWEIG From World War I to World Champions: The Winnipeg Falcons
ROGER A. GODIN MacNaughton Cup Victors: St. Paul Athletic Club
PAUL CHRISTMAN Ephemeral Quakers: Philadelphia’s First NHL Franchise
TIM ZANDER Unheralded and Unsung: The Perth Blue Wings
JIM VANTOUR The First WHL Champions: The Edmonton Flyers
JIM MANCUSO Hockey Kings of the South: The Charlotte Checkers

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