SIHR Hockey Pool

Test Your Skill and Benefit Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer

The 2016-17 installment of the SIHR member Hockey Pool is now open for registration. Half of the money raised will be donated to Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, which raises critical funding for Personalized Cancer Medicine at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto.

The participation fee is $15 CAD or $11.50 USD, and is payable to Ed Norris, SIHR VP USA East, by check/cheque, money order or PayPal money transfer. Members attending the Fall Conference in Toronto can also pay Ed in cash at the meeting. The deadline for entry is October 30, 2016.

To see Ed's contact details for sending payment, please log-in.

Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer
Deadline is October 30
How it Works

Pick 5 players in each category — goals, assists and plus/minus. You can change your players up to 11:59 PM EST on October 30. That way someone who submits early isn't penalized in case a player gets hurt and will be out for an extended time. All you need to do is send an email with the change(s) to before the deadline. Once you select a player, you cannot select him again. Thus, you cannot pick Patrice Bergeron for both goals and plus/minus. Monthly standings will be sent to participants by email. At the end of the season, half of the money collected will be sent to the highest scorer. In the event of a tie, the money will be equally divided between the highest scorers.